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  Wow, hello journal I never ever write on. Long time no see. Hi friendslist! I am about to flood you with nonsense.

 So the other day I realized how much I hate my username. I created this account when I was like 14 and full of emotions and a love of x's between words. Cut to now and I regret everything. I want to change it but whhhyyy does it have to cost 15 dollars. Dammit livejournal, some of us are broke-ass college students who cant even afford gum. So I will be angsting about this name until I find a way to change it. Awesome.

  In other news, since all of the shows I enjoy don't start up again for a couple of months I have been re-watching South Park. And I remembered how much I fucking love this show. Seriously, Trey Parker and Matt Stone own part of my heart forever. And that part keeps getting larger with everything they do (i.e. The Book of Mormon is amazing) but the other day I may have decided to go look at SP fanfic for a giggle. And I may have read a few Stan/Kyle fanfics. And I may have enjoyed it way too much.
One being The Scenic Route and its great I couldn't help but love it okay?
What is my life? /o\

 Speaking of TV shows that are destroying my life...Supernatural. It needs to come back on like now. I am excited to see where it goes! The trailers and spoilers are driving me nuts. Not too mention I just want to know if they finally kill off Castiel or not. I'm really hoping that they actually go through with it and don't back out because of a few very vocal fans who have serious entitlement issues. Seriously I am so sick of hearing people bitch and moan about how they are 'so done with the show if he's gone, he's important and part of the family! I could write better then these people! Blahblahblah' You are free to feel however you want but please remember some of us do not agree. Uhg. Also I saw choked out Sam in that trailer. And I am way too excited for that. /I have so many issues.


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