Date: 2011-08-22 08:26 pm (UTC)
Oh i know it feels great to see people have the same opinions as you especially regarding Sam and Castiel. Yay!!!

I know it feels like they don't understand that Castiel is NOT A MAIN CHARACTER, All characters -apart from Sam and Dean - are expendable. I don't think there would be as much uproar if Bobby died - who i love - because i know he's not a main character.

I also really hope that Dean is the badass older brother and not angsting how he was betrayed by castiel as that would in my opinion be so ooc i would scream such as how he was in 6.20.

Yeah i agree i miss that atmosphere, that gritty, realistic but at the same time strangly hopeful atmosphere that was so present in the earlier years. Now the characters are so depressed and its just not as intimate to me. But i still have hope because we have Sam's wall falling and Jared and Jensen seemed happy in their interview so i'll wait and see.

Oh i totally agree about the fandom civil war lol i was actually surprised when quite a lot of people in ontd spn party was saying they didn't mind if castiel left as i always assumed whenever i've been there it is full of Castiel fans. I think some of the fandom is realising about what Castiel is doing to the show. He isn't needed anymore for the storyline and he's only stayed this long due to his popularity and fanservice. But i think some of the extreme Castiel fans have pissed off some of the Dean fans so i do think there is major changes going on in the fandom.

Oh hey do you mind if i friend you, i don't update much but i just agree with basically everything you say.
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