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zombie_brunch ([personal profile] zombie_brunch) wrote2011-12-06 12:26 am

Oh how I neglect you.

I always tell myself I should update this and NEVER do, probably because unless I'm reading fic I usually spend my free time on tumblr but right now I'm bored and procrastinating studying for my finals while drinking wine so...why not?

Anyway so...Supernatural. Bobby maybe dying...am I the only one kind of okay with this? Idk I like Bobby but I'm kind of curious of what would happen to the Winchesters with literally no one else to help them. I think supernatural has made me a bit of a sadist? Ah well.

Also as for Deans upcoming 'lust interest' idek. I just hope the show doesn't start tacking on unnecessary love interests for the guys. Why can't we have awesome female characters who don't become a notch in someones belt? Or how about we focus more on the serious mental issues that Sam and Dean seem to be shrugging off. Like Dean being suicidal?...or Sam having hallucinations of lucifer?...or something?

Outside of Supernatural...

Just finished playing Arkham City which was omg awesome.

I need the new Star Trek movie like yesterday.

And I kinda started watching American Horror Story. I just got through the first two episodes...and I'm not really sure how to feel about it...

anyway I should probably cut the rating short. Me + Wine + internet ranting cannot equal anything good really.